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Benefits and Advantages of installing artificial grass

The Artificial grass industry is growing rapidly because todays technology has increased and improved the realistic look of turf. Not only are homeowners going for the aesthetically pleasing look of artificial grass,  but are switching to turf for its environmental benefits. Here are some of the advantages and benefits of synthetic grass: 

1.  Save money on Maintenance and Water Bills: Maintenance and water bill add up quickly. On average a home will spend over 120 on water and maintenance bills a month. It is expected that you will have your return on investment for artificial turf will be about 3 to 5 years. A huge advantage when turf naturally last up to 20 years. 

2. Speaking of Maintenance, installing turf will give you the "easy lifestyle": Installing artificial grass will easy your life significantly. No more worrying about your pets or some one else's pet causing yellow spots in your lawn. If you are a business person who travels a lot, you will no longer have to worry about return to your home with a yellow lawn because no one was there to water it. 

Another issue that installing artificial grass will help is with allergies. Installing artificial grass will reduce pollen in the air that enters your home from your lawn. It will reduce the amount of dust that enters your home. You can also lay on your fake grass and enjoy the comfort of not having insects crawl on you.  The perks of ease are endless. 

3. A major concern: is artificial grass safe for pet. YES! installing artificial grass for dogs or cats or any other pet is completely safe. To combat the smell of animal waste, deodorizers are applied when installing the turf, so that there will be no oder. You can also buy additional spray that will help keep your synthetic lawn fresh and clean. 

4. Environmental benefits of Artificial grass - are tremendous - as most people know, parts of United States are facing a severe drought, like California. Installing artificial grass will help save thousands of gallons of water per property. Its a great way to join you community to help reduce the severity of this drought. 

No more lawnmowers = less carbon emissions in the air. Its simple, artificial grass requires little or no maintenance which means no more lawn mowers or gas powered lawn machines that emit green house gases in the air. 

Artificial Grass means no more Harsh Chemicals on your lawn like weed killer and pesticides that harm your health and the environment. 

What most people do not know about artificial grass: Artificial grass reduces water run off which eliminates those little cracks in your drive way or on your street that eventually become pot holes. Every time water runs off from your lawn into your streets, it creeps through crevasses that become larger and larger as time goes on.  Repairing these can be costly. This not only saves you money, but also the city money from doing street re pavements. 

As previously mentioned, the advantages and benefits of artificial grass is endless. It is a win win to install synthetic grass on your property. 

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