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Pet Deodorizer Infill

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Pet Deodorizer Infill


Zeofill is the number pet deodorizer for pet owners with turf. 

What is infill? 

Infill is applied on top of the turf after it is installed to hold the turf blades up straight and to stop them from falling down after walking on it. The turf deodorizer is used for the same reason, but it also adbsorbs the urine bacteria and prevents the ammonia from forming a gas which is the main cause of the smell. 

How much to apply? 

- 1-2 pound per square foot for small size dogs. 2-3lbs per square foot for medium to large size dogs. 3-4lbs per square foot for X-Large dogs. 

How to apply? 

Spread over turf evenly with a seed spreader or by hand. Once applied, use power broom or turf rake to pull turf blades back and let the deodorizer fall to the bottom.

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