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Go Green With EcoGrass US Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass has become increasingly popular over the past several years due to its improved natural look and its water saving potential. 

Over 50 percent of the water used in US households are contributed to lawns. By installing artificial grass, homeowners will not only save on their water bill cost, but also will help save our planets limited supply of fresh water. Take the first step in going green and have the EcoGrass team replace your grass lawn with an artificial grass lawn.

California Drought

California Drought Facing Extreme Drought in Certain Areas

For over a decade now, California has suffered from a severe drought, which continues to get worse. The drought has impacted many areas in California, including San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Measures must be taken to reverse the drought and bring California water levels back to normal. It is up to the homeowners of California to help reverse the drought, and it can be done by installing energy efficient alternative to their homes. A good way to start a go green home is by installing artificial grass. 

Take Action

EcoGrass US wants to make a difference in our environment. We believe in our product and we believe it can make a difference in the environment if more homeowners replace their lawns with artificial grass lawns. 


Don't forgot, Installing Artificial grass not only helps you save money, but it also helps save our precious earth.