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Eco  Grass: Save Water and Earn Cash Back

EcoGrass: Save Water and Earn Cash Back

Save Water and Earn Cash back by installing EcoGrass Artificial turf. Many Water Utility Companies across California are now offering rebates as an incentive to reduce water usage. By installing artificial turf, you may receive rebates ranging around 1-2 dollars a square foot. If you live in the SoCal area, you may be eligible to receive a 2 dollar rebate from the the Water$smart rebate program.

Your state, city, or utility offers rebates, tax credits, or other incentives. Visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency to find out about financial incentives in your area.

Water Utility Companies Rebate Programs

Click on the your water utility company below and see if you are eligible for a rebate.