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Is Artificial grass Fire Resistant or Flammable ?

Is Artificial Grass Fire Resistant or Flammable?

Have you ever thought of decorating your garden only once in life and without any maintenance like trimming, cutting, fertilizing, or anything, and it remains as luxuriant and lush as it was the first time? Have you ever wondered that grassy carpets of the golf courts are never over or undergrown and always look as perfect as it is grown new? You must have seen that grass is grown even on the terraces and roofs even when you see no signs of fertilization and no feasible conditions of gardening? Well, this is all because instead of going through the difficult procedures of growing grass, trimming it on regular basis, and using fertilizers to keep it fresh, people are now more into using the Artificial grass. Moreover, as long as, the question is concerned that Is Artificial Grass Fire Resistant or Flammable. To answer this question, you will have to go through the information that what artificial grass is, how it is made, grown, and why it was built at the first place.

How Artificial Grass is made?

Artificial grass is basically a surface made of synthetic fibers that expanded and spread all over the ground. These synthetic fibers give a feeling like there is original natural grass available. At first place, these synthetic fibers or artificial grass was made to be used in the sports arenas and indoor places where there were no resources and feasibility available to grow original grass. However, after capturing the commercial market and sports industry, synthetic fibers spread their territory and started being used in the residential field as well. 

Why Artificial Grass Is So Much In Use?

People are now installing it in the yards, terraces, roofs, and everywhere, where required. Why artificial grass is being used and has captured the commercial, sports, and residential fields? Well, if you are American then you must be so familiar with the joke that unlike the rest of the world, Southern California has only two seasons, the floods and fires. This is true. If we take a look at the yearly spanning of the seasons of southern California and compare them with the other parts of USA, we will find out that events of flooding and fire are more in southern California than the other parts of America. 

This thing has given birth to depending more on the artificial resources and less on the natural ones. This is when the idea of using artificial synthetic fibers developed. One of the biggest advantages attached artificial grass is that it can be fire resistant.

If Artificial Grass Is Fire Resistant, Why Is It So?

With all the Forest fires recently taking place in California, homeowners are asking, “ are we safe from open fires with artificial grass?” The short answer is yes, as long as the turf is installed with sand based infill. The sand infill in turf prevents fires from spreading around and has an extinguishing effect, making it fireproof. If in any condition, it comes in contact with the fire, the fibers, instead of catching fire, will melt. This melting will damage the outer appearance of the grass but serious damages can be totally avoided. The Ecograss team can also repair damaged turf from fire as long as the homeowner has some turf remnants.