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Having a stunning yard does not mean you only need to have lovely trees, flowers and plants. You need to also ensure that your artificial turf is healthy and attractive looking as well.

Below are some dos and don’ts you must consider when enjoying life on artificial grass

Do not use BBQs or fire pits close to the grass. Place sources of heat elsewhere and not on the artificial grass in order to avoid melt spots.

Do ensure that you maintain and take regular care of your artificial grass according to instruction provided by the installation company.

Do not walk on the artificial grass for 24 hours immediately after installation. This is to ensure that the glue hardens and to prevent the seams from coming apart.

Do continue to improve your lawn and home. Having synthetic grass makes it easy to keep landscaped areas neat and clean.

Do not push or drag chairs and tables over the grass. This act can cut off the blades of the grass.

Do rinse your artificial lawn lightly after use to eliminate such things as dust or any form dirt that can accumulate over the course of time. To successfully rinse it, spray the lawn using a hose to remove any trace of dust and debris that accumulate when washing.

Do -optional -  remove all fallen leaves on your turf (some people feel the leaves make the turf look more realistic) You can use non-evasive approaches like blowing the leaves away with the right leaf management tool. 

Do enjoy your leisure time with friends and family on your artificial lawn at any season, without worrying about allergies.

For further details on synthetic lawn maintenance or installation quote, kindly contact us and we will be glad to help!