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Dos and Don’ts when playing on your Artificial Grass lawn

With regards to outdoor activities, artificial grass has really been exceptional.  If you are always bothered about damaging your natural grass after long hours of regular play, endeavor to install synthetic grass. It is specifically designed to endure the most severe of all outdoor activities. If artificial grass can endure football game despite all the toe digging and all that, then there is no outdoor activity it cannot withstand. There are lots of activities you can do on your synthetic grass that if it was to be on a natural grass, it would bring about a considerable damage. Listed below are some Dos and Don’ts to consider when playing on your Artificial Grass lawn

Do wear your regular clothing. Artificial turf does not cause any soil or grass stain, regardless of how hard you land or slide on its surface. It is manufactured with the best possible materials and can withstand a very high volume of foot traffic.

Do ensure that you maintain and take regular care of your artificial grass according to instruction provided by the installation company.

Do not push sharp objects into the turf such as play place stakes. If you need to secure a play place to the ground, contact your installer first for options. 

Do not let anything hot fall on the turf surface: Ensure that the grilling and the food being prepared are stored off of the recreation area.

Although fake grass is exceptionally durable, it can still be destroyed. This is why you need to properly maintain your turf regardless of the type of activity you participate in. For more details or installation quote, contact us on (8008096632).