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Without doubt, synthetic turf is the dream lawn material for many homeowners. It is exceptionally safe, has low maintenance and retains a beautiful appearance all year round. With advantages like these, it is no surprise why so many people are switching from natural grass to artificial grass. Despite the fact that people understand the need to get artificial grass, some are still reluctant to install artificial turf owing to the fear that it cannot survive extreme rain.

Regardless of how severe is the rain, artificial grass will survive! The water drains right through the product, through the sub-base into the soil. 

If it is properly laid, synthetic turf offers exceptional drainage even if it rains for a long time period. It has a holed backing which allows water to drain straight through. This also gets rid of any possibility of big water bodies forming and staying on it like it does on a natural grass.

Its important to note that part of the artificial grass installation requires a sub layer of road base. Most installations will have about 2-4 inches of road base between the turf and dirt. Their are two main reasons for road base:1) it provides proper drainage for turf. Road base drains 3-4 times faster than your dirt will. 2) it shapes your turf lawn and provides a hard surface for the turf to be secured to. 

Furthermore, after a long rain, the majority of natural lawns have to deal with issues of dirt and mud. However, rather than affect it, rain water will naturally clean artificial grass to eliminate any accumulation of dirt and dust. This is because artificial turf is produced from synthetic materials and infill. You don’t have to worry about flooding.  Rain water will drain through your fake grass.

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